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Dialysis RO Plants


Kidney dialysis involves large amounts of water for dialysis solution preparation. The ‘dialysate’ is in nearly direct contact with the patient’s blood, separated only by a thin membrane. The purity of water is crucial in dialysis, since contamination with halides, aluminum, etc., can lead to morbidity and mortality.

We offer special RO plants that are used for kidney dialysis based on advanced technology. Our plants help in removing 97-99% of the total mixed solids along with bacteria, organics and other particulates.

  • Advanced system design
  • Stops bacterial contamination
  • Integrated micron pre-filtration
  • Integrated membrane cleaning system
  • Simple in operation and easy to maintain
  • Complete system automation capabilities
  • Assured quality and consistent performance
  • Continuous membrane and pump protection
  • Reliable performance and operation flexibility
  • Advanced thin film composite membrane technology
  • Long membrane life with improved fouling and chemical resistance