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Make sure you have clear water all year round in your swimming pool with Swimming Pool Pumps from Crompton. These innovative specialty pumps make sure that you enjoy your swim time without any worry!

Features and Benefits of Swimming Pool Pumps

The swimming pool air pump from Crompton comes with some unmatched features and benefits like savings on electricity bills, dirt filtration and corrosion-free operation.

This water pump has been specially designed for swimming pools to ensure that the water is circulated regularly. One of the significant issues with Swimming Pool Pumps is its high electricity consumption, but with energy-efficient Crompton pump, this is no longer a problem. You get huge benefits in terms of savings on electricity bills due to lower energy consumption.

The right swimming pool air pump has the ability to filter dirt effectively so that the swimming pool remains completely clean. If your pool is not clean, it can lead to multiple health hazards. To prevent this problem, the Crompton water pump comes with an in-built air filter. This filter ensures that water is circulated at regular intervals and your pool is dirt and debris-free.

Since the pump is continuously processing water, damage due to corrosion is a significant risk. It reduces the longevity of the pump as well. You will need to replace the pump that will add to your costs. To overcome this problem, Swimming Pool Pumps from Crompton are designed using a glass-filled polypropylene body that makes sure there is no damage to the pump due to corrosion. This also makes sure that your pump lasts longer.

This is a single-stage pump with one impeller. The head range determines the vertical distance to which the water can be pumped. The discharge range determines the speed at which water is discharged. It is measured in LPM or litres per minute.