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Outdoor & Musical fountains


We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Dancing Fountain, Movable Fountain, Dynamic Fountain, Garden Fountain, Lake Fountain, Sequence Fountain. We have sufficient infrastructure & man power backup to execute any volume of Musical Fountain over anywhere in India.

This is what a fountain, actually is. A way to deeply involve with the spectator through the most fundamental and fascinating substance on earth. Every fountain has a unique character; it might convey tranquility, it might be a work of art, it might trigger one’s imagination through its perpetual liquid motion, or it can be a mind-blowing extravaganza with massive volumes of water, impressive light shows and even fire, all dancing to music, following a dramatic choreography. It can essentially be anything – anything that one can imagine of. Our job is to turn extraordinary ideas into marvelous fountains. We have our own proposals but we can also turn your idea into a liquid piece of art.

Type of fountains
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  • Garden Fountain
  • Water Fountain
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  • Music Fountain